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When I make an affiche or poster I like to experiment with cut-outs. I try every possible option on paper to find a proper composition. The background is a risograph I made which referent to a water structure.

Affiche Aqua Risogaph Tecnique Graphic Design Demi Horsman
Affiche Aqua RisoGraph Typograhy Experiment Demi Horsman

The concept

The concept behind these affiches is the pro- and contra perspective that shows you the aspects of water, like drowning or floating. Or elements like reflection and movement. I wanted to use a minimalistic approach for this affiche. 

Affiche Aqua Graphic Design Proces and RisoGraph Experiment by Demi Horsman
Affiche Aqua Digital Sketches for a ProContra Typography Design by Demi Horsman

Digital version

After making affiches by hand I decided to make some more on my computer. I combined two different fonts. After a letter has past the 'horizon' the letter transforms

to a different font. The affiche is called

'Qua Aqua' what means, about water.

Affiche Aqua Graphic Design by Demi Horsman
Affiche Aqua Proces Graphic Design by Demi Horsman



- Roman uncoated


- Risograph

Acknowledgements: Gijsbert Dijker and Menno Schrap (Study supervisors)

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