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Home typography

In this project I made every page by hand. I made a cover in the shape of an 'H' because the theme was Home. I used different techniques for the pages like calligraphy and painting. 

HomeTypogaphy Detail of the Cassette and the Handmade Type Design by Demi Horsman

Product design

Home Typogaphy Handmade Typography Project and Experiments Graphic Design by Demi Horsman
Home Typography Handmade Type Design Proces by Demi Horsman

The inside

Home Typography Book Design and Cassette Design about the Hand Made Type by Demi Horsman

The cover is made out of wood, and I decided to use the color black because it's simplicity and high contrast. 

Home Typogaphy Graphic Design by Demi Horsman

I learned to make a simple grid. You can make a lot of different compositions with a simple grid. 

Home Typography Handmade TypeDesign Projects and Experiments by Demi Horsman
Home Typography Handmade Type Design Experiments by Demi Horsman



- Wood


- Watercolor paper, uncoated

- Black uncoated paper, 90 g/m2



- Loose-leaf


Acknowledgments: Gijsbert Dijker (Study supervisor)

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