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In the semester of the last year of my bachelor Graphic Design I did an internship at Studio Renate Boere. The essay I made as a result of this internship describes a visual documentation of my process as an intern. This book I made must be as special as the experience I have had at the studio.



The book I designed is a registration of the sketches and designs I made while doing my internship at Studio Renate Boere. The cover is made of linen printed with a ink jet printer from home. Normally the linen is applied at thicker carton or paper, but I found it interesting to embrace the beautiful quality of the textile for creating a ‘formal document’. The cover exist out of a double folded cover that is bound in with

the quires.


To make a book with an open spine was one of my 'bucket list techniques'. Providing the text on the pre-printed sections was a challenge, but
 it always shows a beautiful form of imperfect perfection. It also gives a nice representation of the structure of a book.

Open Spine


Folded Pages

The book is bound with double pages that can be folded open to reveal the detailed process. In this way, the book can be read in a global and detailed manner.



- Bookbinding linen orange brilliant 161 g/m2.


- Color copy, white uncoated, 80 g/m2

- Clairefontaine peach, 80 g/m2


- Laser jet

Ink Jet (cover)


- Bound in sections with open spine and print.

Fold-outs in the interior and double softcover.


Acknowledgments: Studio Renate Boere (Internship supervisors), Gijsbert Dijker (Stage coordinator)

Grafiek werkplaats  Zwolle ArtEZ.

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