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This is a medicine agenda I designed. You can store your medicine in this book. This way you don't need the polluting packaging every time you need new medicine. And on top of it, you can plan and make a time-table of the times you need to take your medicine.

Medicine Agenda Side bounded in Caterns by Demi Horsman

I was thinking of a clever solution for the waste of packaging. The layers have holes with a shuffle system so you won't lose your medicine. The structure is meanwhile a way to plan your use of medicine for in the evening and the morning.

Medicine Agenda Book Design and Product Design by Demi Horsman

Book binding

Medicine Agenda Inside Editorial Design and Interactive Function for the Book by Demi Horsman



- Gray board cardboard 3 mm thick.


- Coral red uncoated paper, 200-300 g / m2

Drawing paper uncoated.


- Laser jet

Analogue printing technique: tin printing


- Bound in sections, hardcover with open spine


Acknowledgments: Caro de Gijzel (study supervisor)

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