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MUMA MILAN Installation

Muma "Museum aan de Maas" is a group project and a collabo-ration between ArtEZ Zwolle and Nicole Unicole in which we were commissioned to design a new house style for "Het Dordts Patriciërshuis". We presented this corporate identity on the basis of a designed installation that refers to the "Maas Kamer".

The installation and the 

corporate identity were presented in Milan, Salone del Mobile 2019-Dutch Pavilion, Palazzo Francesco Turati.



The installation is made of paper and has a wooden construction. Information about the house styles are printed on the so-called leporellos that are stretched around the construction with elastic. The installation was designed by a group of ArtEZ students in which I was partly responsible for the construction.




ArtEZ Zwolle:

Anne van Oldenbeek, Joep van Boxtel, Jorno van der Kooij, Melissa van der Wall, Ninke van Wiggen, Lucas de Haar, Vladimir Pakhomov, Linde Wolthuis, Sophie Ceelen, Maartje van Dokkum, Martijn Knoester and Myrthen Boermann

Teachers ArtEZ:

Peer Dobbelsteen, Caro de Gijzel, Marijke Meester and Gijsbert Dijker

Commissioned by:

Nicole Unicole and ArtEZ Zwolle


Salone del Mobile 2019 - Dutch Pavilion, Palazzo Francesco Turati in Milaan.


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