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Riso Structure Detail of the Bleu RisoGraph Print with Organic Microbiology Lines by Demi Horsman

I became really interested in making design with a risograph technique. I designed a line structure that is inspired on microbiology. The image originally was a cell. I applied the structure on the affiches for an event called Qua Aqua. This event is hypothetical. 

Riso Structure Blue Line Illustration of Cells Printed in Risograph Technique Graphic Design and Pattern by Demi Horsman


The color blue I had chosen because of the association with water. You can still see the cell structure but it also references to the organic movement of water, and the way

it flows.


Qua Aqua Affiche Blue and White Typography Composition with Pro Contra Colors by Demi Horsman

This is one of the booklets. It shows a vision of the future global architecture. I made the illustration and used typography I made in one of the other project.

Qua Aqua Affiche Detail Risoprint Structure applied at the Affiche Typography in White by Demi Horsman
Qua Aqua Program Book Printed in Risograph with Pro Contra Typography and Blue and White Composition by Demi Horsman
Qua Aqua Book Design Program Book Printed in RisoGraph with Blue and White Typography in Pro Contra Composition by Demi Horsman
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