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Streven naar het ultieme boek


The book is an anthology / handbook that is about safeguarding the physical book and passing on the expertise that underlies it. Because the different disciplines distance themselves from each other, and the current generation distances themselves from the physical craft, professional knowledge is less and less self-evident. The book is currently being worked on and will eventually be published.


Anthology + Handbook


The aim of the anthology is to inspire and motivate people to continue to explore the material aspects of the field, and to implement them in a (new) method and vision for the future book. Interviews were conducted with a number of selected printers, publishers, designers, writers, photographers, lithographers and binderies, in which all convey their passion for making books in a personal way.

      On the basis of the interviews, a manual has been compiled in which the mentioned techniques and methods that come with the making of the physical book are offered. These technical terms are explained and provide tools for looking up and understanding the expertise that is essential for making good books.

The book emerged from my graduation project of the graphic design course that I followed at ArtEZ. Still, I tried to take the project beyond just a graduation project. That's how I
In addition to guidance from the academy, I looked up professional knowledge and techniques at NPN Drukkers and Boekbinderij Brepols, who also contribute to the development of the book that will take place after the exam. By requesting materials and having a dummy made, I looked up the materiality of the book. The choices that respond to the tactility of the book are (for example paper) based on knowledge available on digital platforms such as the Monsterkamer. This underlying idea makes that digital, artisanal and mass production of the book are intertwined, and have become part of the story that lies behind this book.





The realization of the book takes time. "Streven naar het Ultieme boek" has the ambition to become a book that becomes accessible to disciplines in the profession and the future generation of designers. To achieve this, the plan is on the table to start a crowdfunding in which money will be collected for the production of the book.





- Bookbinding linen brilliant 161 g/m2.

(Van Heek Textile)

- Wibalin 


- Munken Lynx 120 g/m2

- Ibo One, 60 g/m2

- Premium Cotton white 120 g/m2  


- Full color 4/4 

- SilkPrinting


- Hardcover




- NPN Drukkers 

Binding + Dummy

- Brepols


Esther Krop (De Monsterkamer, Frederik de Wal, Haico Beukers + Marga Scholma (Beukers-Scholma), Koen Slothouber, Mariëlle van Genderen + Cathelijn Kruunenberg (Studio &), Renate Boere (Studio Renate Boere), Richard Niessen, Sam de Groot, Sigrid Calon, Loes van Esch+Simone Trum (Team Thursday), Willem van Zoetendaal, Natascha Libbert, Reinout van den Bergh, Marc Gijzen, Ed van Hinte, Steven Hond (Uitgeverij Komma/D'Jonge Hond), Chris Altorffer + Peter Bongers (NPN Drukkers), Mike Silva (Boekbinderij Patist), Patrick Bakermans

(Boekbinderij Brepols). (AND COUNTING)


Peer Dobbelsteen, Ernst Bernson, Marijke Meester, and all other teachers from the graphic design department.


Chris Altorffer, Peter Bongers and Berry ter Vaarwerk 

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