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the unique book manifest

The Unique Book Manifesto is a self-written book for designers who believe in the added value of the physical book in a digital era. The shape of the book is called a "dwarsligger" and the paper I used contains different types of shades and textures, applied completely randomly during printing. This way, no copy will be the same.


The Cover

The challenge for the cover was to design a hard cover while ensuring an open spine. The cover is printed on blue linen with the title starting on the back. Each cover has a unique logo that makes the book live up to its title; The Unique Book Manifesto.


The manifesto and thesis are the embodiment of its content; every release must be unique. The book is bound manually in booklets. The book is printed on five different papers that contrast in structure and shade. These sheets are printed in random order so that no page and no edition will be the same.

Each Book


When you write a manifesto you are a bit of a 'sleeper'. Hence, also this type of book which is related to it by the vertical way in leafing through the book. The book contains transparent intermediate pages that herald the chapter and contains a bound manifesto printed on yellow paper. This so that it stands out and functions as a bookmark in the cut.



The inside of the book contains different types of footnotes, in the form of symbols that refer in their own way to quotes, in-depth texts and sources.



- Gray cardboard 2.5 mm thick
- Book binding linen Brilljanta blue, 161 g/m2


- Gmund uncoated paper, white, +/- 100 g/m2
- Gmund uncoated paper, ivory, +/- 100 g/m2
- Munken Polar Rough, white, +/- 100 g/m2
- Watercolor paper white, +/- 100 g/m2
- Colorcopy coated bright white, +/- 100 g/m2
- Roman cream, +/- 100 g/m2
- Chalk paper, 70-75 g/m2
- Clairefontaine summer yellow, 200 g/m2

- Clairefontaine warm gray, 80 g/m2


- Laser jet
- Ink jet


- Hardcover bound in quires with open spine
- Manually

Acknowledgments: Jacqueline Cové, Gijsbert Dijker (Thesis supervisors).
Grafiek werkplaats Zwolle ArtEZ

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