Where do we get our water if the source of clean tap water isn't
unlimited? I tried to collect water out of my own environment to see how it is when you depend on the water
sources nearby.


The numbers in the pots are a tool to rate the quality of the water. If you can't see the number than the quality of the water is 

really bad. This is a quick method to see if the water is clean or not.

Collecting Water Data Visualization and Photography of Polluted Water by Demi Horsman
Collecting Water Information Design by Documentating and Collecting Polluded Water no.5 by Demi Horsman


The reason I did this research, was to see how it is for myself to depend on the water from your environment to survive. I wanted to translate this research to in a graphic way by designing the registration I did.

Collecting Water Registration and Method for Information Design by Demi Horsman
Collecting Water Label for Information and Documentation with Typography No8 by Demi Horsman