To visualize water pollution I made a simple affiche and put it in a bottle. I add some color substances to make it look more chemical and 'undrinkable'. The pictures however are more

aesthetic that conceptual.


Water Pollution Visualized Typography with Polluted Water Grey and White Bubble Structure by Demi Horsman
Water Pollution Visualized Serif Font A with Polluted Water and Typography by Demi Horsman


I came with this idea by polluting the water directly. The affiche itself is pollution, even as the liquids I have added. Afterwards I photoshopped the pictures. 

Water Pollution Visualized Yellow Photograph with Serif Font A with Polluted Water by Demi Water

This is one small chapter of a bigger project called what if... These pictures could be used for a campaign of an affiche. The process

itself I find most interesting.

Water Pollution Visualized with Soap and Water combined with Sans Serif Typography Photographed by Demi Horsman
Water Pollution Visualized Typography Photographed in Polluted Water as a Statement with Bleu and Black liquid by Demi Horsman