What If Pages of a Book Design with differend Colors and Paper Structures by Demi Horsman

What if is a book I made that is about the impact we have as humans on the quality of drinking water. It visualizes a scenario where the source of clean drink-water isn't unlimited. The book is a medium where I stored the information and images of the research I did.

What If a Book Design Inside Visualizing Water Problems and Solutions with Graphic Design by Demi Horsman


This is the end result of the research I did. The book is definite collection where I registered the images I made, the experiments I did. Sometimes you see a colored page where you can read facts about the impact we have as human on the quality of water. 

What If Book Design Inside Cartography and Information Design by Demi Horsman

Spread with watermap


Water map is a project you can find further in the portfolio. It is a map that informs you where you can collect your water if tap water isn't available anymore. I collected some water myself and made the

'water map'.

While I did research about water pollution I was questioning myself how I could visualize these phenomena with typography.


Water pollution visualized

The cover is made of 'chalk paper' It is a little transparent, and associate

 to water and it's transparency.

What If Back Cover of Book Design whit Multiple Pictures Printed on Transparent Paper by Demi Horsman
What If Book Design Front Cover and Spine by Demi Horsman



- Gray board cardboard 2 mm thick

- Gray green cover binding linen 162 g/m2


- Chalk paper 120 g/m2


- Various colored papers 160 g/m2

- Natural Evolution 120 g/m2


- Laser jet


- bound in sections, hardcover


Acknowledgments: Peer Dobbelsteen (study supervisor)