who am i?publication

"Who am I" is a philosophy project that I completed in 2019. The project consists of a log and a visual elaboration of my identity research. The theme of that philosophy semester was about identity, including the book "So I am" written by Stine Jensen and Rob Wijnberg.


The publication is a designed booklet containing the philosophical research that I have conducted. From the research I did a practice-oriented research into what my identity is and how different perspectives on my personality influence my identity.


The visual effect, which is also the conclusion of the log, is the result of my practical research. It is an unbound book with collected plates, each visualizing two different perspectives on a particular characteristic of mine. On each plate is a letter that is part of a keyword associated with my identity. The words are interrupted with quotes from the study printed on colored paper.


The booklet has between sheets that refer to the visual expression with the loose-leaf plates on which two photos are superimposed. Each card contains a letter that together with other cards create keywords on which I and others around me have reflected on my identity.



- Gray board cardboard, 3mm thick
- Book binding linen, gray-green, 161 g/m2



- Natural evolution 110 g/m2


- Natural evolution 110 g/m2
- Various colored papers