When I make an affiche or poster I like to experiment with cut-outs. I try

every possible option on paper to find a proper composition. The back-ground is a risograph I made which referent to a water structure.


I made tree kind of maps one of the city, one of the countryside and one very abstract map of a river landscape. The maps where original used for a book cover. The books are

about geography.

Risoprint Map Mapping and Information Design Printed in Risograph Green Landscape by Demi Horsman
Risoprint Map Detail of Raster Risograph Yellow Green and Bleu Structures and Patterns by Demi Horsman
Risoprint Map Detail of Risograph Raster and Structures Blue Water by Demi Horsman


I used the risograph technique because of the bright colors you get. Another reason why I like riso is because you really get the feeling

of the analog printing technique.

Risoprint Map Datavisualization with Risograph Graphic Design and Illustration by Demi Horsman