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The Medicine Cycle is a de-signed clock that indicates how long medication has been active in the livestock industry and what influence this ultimately has on the quality of drinking water. It is an underexposed topic, and the aim of the clock is to draw attention to this topic.


Beyond technology

ArtEZ Zwolle and TU Twente entered into a collaboration relationship among the students in 2019, in which we investigated how science/engineering and applied art can complement each other in research techniques and the (visual) communication of the research. The experiment is called

"Beyond Technology" and several teams engaged in scientific and artistic research on the topic of water pollution. We presented the ideas at the conference

"4TU DeSIRE conference on Resilience Engineering".


This clock represents a cyclus where medicine effects the water. The

clock starts at the moment one animal, like a cow, gets a medicine. This injection is active for about 48 hours. Meanwhile the cow will pee and the medicine rest will be absorbed in the groundwater and 

eventually in our drinking water. The cyclus contains many steps that are relevant for understanding the cause and effect of consuming livestock products. There are made strict rules about consuming livestock products and the durance of medicine, but there is a leak because the medicine

still effect us by the drinking water.


The clock provides insight into this cycle and is designed for the time span in which the medication is effective. By engaging with veterinarians, researchers, designers and scientists, we turned our research into a new medium to communicate this problem.

Medicine clock


Working parters: 

Camilo Andrés Benítez Ávila (UT), Jorno van der Kooij (ArtEZ).



Fabian Hijlkema, Marijke Meester (ArtEZ), Marcela Brugnach (University of Twente), Jacqueline Heerema (Artists collective Satellietgroep) 


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