Stamp designs

I designed stamps for various projects that had to be sent. After all, a stamp is the first impression when you open a letter or package. I would like to explain three projects, "My portfolio USB", "Thank you letter to the bookmakers" and "Striving for the Ultimate Book". Each of the stamp designs has its own approach to what a stamp could look like.

When approaching internship addresses, I sent several postal parcels with a 3d printed USB in it. The stamps contain a photo of a project and a description that clearly shows that it is a portfolio. The typographic composition is included in the USB packaging.

Portfolio USB



Letter to the bookmakers

In 2020 I started a project called “Streven naar het Ultieme Boek" in which I interviewed people from different disciplines for the book I am making. As a thank you, I wrote and designed a letter with these designed stamps. The seals visualize the book in its abstract form.



Streven naar het

Ultieme Boek

I designed this stamp for sending physical mail related to the book "Streven naar het Ultieme Boek" that I am currently working on. The book should be promoted and brought to the fore. The design is derived from the book's most recognizable

visual imagery.