Visual Dictionairy Book Design Interactive Structure with Folded Pages and Visual Translation of Art Orginized by Color and Visualized with Icons by Demi Horsman

Visual Dictionary is a book that is a kind of concept and an infographic in one. Sometimes a design is more difficult than it has to be. It lost its original function and isn't recognizable anymore. That's why I designed a visual dictionary, so you can translate the designs to its original function or form.

Visual Dictionairy Inside Folded Pages Creating a Interactive Method for Reading Book Design and Graphid Design by Demi Horsman



Sometime's you can already see some parts of the following pages. This

experience is similar when you walk through an exhibition. You have to fold out some parts to see the hidden parts or to get the whole picture. 


Spread red shades

The book is categorized by color. You will find the definition of the designs and a simple visual translation by icons. You can even see the name of the original colors. 

Lines connect the parts together. You have to follow the lines to see the right

explanation of the design. This is just like following the signs in a museum. The experience has to feel like one you have in a museum.


The reason I made it this way is because this book isn't replaceable by a digital medium. It is a topic that I find really important and interesting.



- Gray cardboard recycled uncoated, 300 g/m2


- Natural Evolution 120 g/m2


- Laser jet


- Bound in sections, hardcover with open spine
- An alternative folding method has been applied in the inside. 

Acknowledgments: Caro de Gijzel (study supervisor)


Visual Dictionairy Datavisualisation with Typography and Icons Organized by Color Typography and Book Design by Demi Horsman

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